Getting safety to the next level

Henkel has demonstrated the power and efficiency of its car repair solutions at an extraordinary event. In collaboration with ‏(CTS) in Münster, Germany, the company presented its extensive portfolio of high-impact products to customers, representatives of public authorities, insurance companies and transport organizations. The highlight of the day was a live crash test, where a car windscreen was bonded with Teroson direct glazing adhesive and crashed just 30 minutes after the windscreen was fitted.

Within the EU, all new cars must comply with clearly defined safety standards during crash tests. One of the scenarios simulated during these tests is the so-called frontal offset crash, which is responsible for more deaths and serious injuries than any other type of accident. The NCAP ‏(New Car Assessment Program) stipulates that the car collision must be tested and analyzed at a speed of 64 km/h and an offset rate of just 40 percent against a deformable barrier.

“The windscreen is very important during frontal collisions, because it contributes to vehicle rigidity and supports the passenger airbag in a crash,” explained Kourosh Bahrami, Corporate Vice President at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “In the context of an accident, the full functionality of the passenger airbags must still be guaranteed.”

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its products for car repairs, Henkel carried out a crash test of this type in accordance with new vehicle norms, but with a used compact car. During the event, guests were first able to watch the windscreen being changed. Henkel’s experts used Teroson PU 8730 HMLC to bond the new windscreen into the test vehicle. The innovative adhesive allows car repair shops to complete the installation in 10 short minutes and ensures that the vehicle can be driven off safely after just another 30 minutes. Once this time had lapsed, CTS experts simulated the frontal offset collision in line with EU new vehicle standards. The results showed the windscreen bonded with Teroson adhesives, not only withstood the extreme crash test conditions, but also delivered the measured values required for the full functioning of the passenger airbag.

“With this unusual crash test, we wanted to trigger an aha-moment for our customers as well as for key decision-makers like insurance companies and other key organizations. Our goal was to create a tangible Teroson experience in which they could see the effectiveness of our solutions with their own eyes,” Bahrami explained. “Safety is the top priority when it comes to car repairs. That’s why it is crucial for users to be able to trust the products 100 percent.”

In addition to its direct glazing products, Henkel also presented its broad range of innovative Teroson and Loctite solutions for car repairs and maintenance. The portfolio includes repair solutions for the vehicle body, mounting components and mechanical systems, as well as finishes, surface treatments, cleaning agents and even comprehensive protective solutions against corrosion and wear.


TEROSON VR 5080 is a multi-purpose high-strength adhesive tape for emergency repairs. It is ideal for temporarily repairing, reinforcing, fixing, sealing or protecting parts. The product adheres to any dry, oil- and dust-free surface and exhibits 100% water resistance and temperature resistance up to 70°C. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 


  • Multi-purpose adhesive tape
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • 100% water-resistant
  • Temperature-resistant up to 70°C
  • Easy to use
  • Emergency stop for leakages in pipes up to 4 bar pressure


Technical Data:

  • Product base: synthetic rubber
  • Colour: grey

TEROSON ET Battery Gun 2.0 is electric, battery powered applicator for 310 ml cartridges and 400 ml sachets. It is designed to minimise operator fatigue. 

The TEROSON ET Battery Gun 2.0 has been designed to deliver 15% more power than predecessor 97046 HD Electraflow Battery Applicator, and now comes supplied with soft grip overmouldings to improve operator comfort and tool support on inclined surfaces. It is an electric dispenser for applying products from cartridges and foil packages and is designed to minimise operator fatigue in applications requiring portable dispensing – hassle-free cordless use. When the dispensing cycle is finished, the piston retracts automatically for pressure relief, to minimise run-on effect 


  • Lower cost, lower price than predecessor 
  • Rechargeable 10.8 V lithium-ion battery 
  • Fully charged within 30 minutes
  • Adjustable speed control from 1(low) to 9(high) for easy control of material flow 
  • No-drip auto reverse function 
  • Lightweight and comfortable use 
  • Variable speed trigger for greater speed control during dispensing. Very useful for inexperienced operators 
  • Applicable for 310 ml cartridges and 400 ml foil packages 
  • Trigger lock to prevent accidental discharge of material