Make everything good as new

If you're looking for the smoothest fix, there's only one — TEROSON. Our fillers have the power to turn back time. Forget any damage — with our products, anything can be made to look like new again, even where very thin skims are called for.

TEROSON UP 270 Flowable Polyester Filler, from our professional range, has beend specifically designed to do just that. A handy pouch — easy to mix, apply and sand — is just one of many products delivering what today's body shops require to achieve that excellent finish.

Where it all began

Chemical Metal, the first filler product created, quickly carved out a reputation for general DIY and maintenance use. But as polyester technology evolved, an automotive body filler paste was created over 60 years ago under Plastic Padding. Safer to use and easier to apply, this overtook lead alternatives. It was the step that set the course for everything that's followed.

As a result, today we have a range that covers everything from fillers to plastic body parts, like bumpers,  to products that adhere to galvanise and zinc. It even extents to marine use, with gel coat repair and fillers for boats.

One brand  and one stop shop that offers products for automotive bodywork repair, DIY maintenance and marine repairs! Download the flyer here or check out our "How to repair a damaged car hood" instruction.

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